Neversummer Deities

Akadi Elemental Air, Air Elementalists, Movement, Speed, Flying creatures N Air - Travel - Trickery None   Junior DM
Bane Strife, Tyranny, Hatred (Only if Xvim has died) LE Destruction - Evil - Hatred - Law MA   Faction DM
Chauntea Agriculture, Plants cultivated by Humans, Farmers, Gardeners, Summer NG Animal - Earth - Good - Plant - Protection LA   Faction DM
Cyric Murder, Lies, Intrigue, Deception, Illusion CE Chaos - Destruction - Evil - Illusion - Trickery MA Fire aka Drake Faction DM
Grumbar Elemental Earth, Earth Elementalists, Solidity, Changelessness, Oaths N Earth None   Junior DM
Istishia Elemental Water, Water Elementalists, Purification through Cleansing, Wetness N Destruction - Travel - Water None   Junior DM
Kelemvor Death, The Dead LN Death - Law - Protection - Travel None DeputyDog Senior DM/Dev
Kossuth Elemental Fire, Fire Elementalists, Purification through Fire N Destruction - Fire None   Junior DM
Lathander Spring, Dawn, Birth, Renewal, Creativity, Youth, Vitality, Self-Perfection, Athletics NG Good - Protection - Strength - Sun LA   Faction DM
Mystra Magic, Spells, The Weave NG Good _ Knowledge - Magic LA Autec Faction DM
Oghma Knowledge, Invention, Inspiration, Bards N Knowledge - Luck - Travel - Trickery LA Sir Sean(Starknight) Faction DM
Shar Dark, Night, Loss, Forgetfulness, Unrevealed Secrets, Caverns, Dungeons, The Underdark NE Darkness - Evil - Knowledge SL   Faction DM
Silvanus Wild Nature, Druids N Animal - Plant - Protection - Water TC Saint Faction DM
Sune Beauty, Love , Passion CG Chaos - Good - Protection LA   Faction DM
Talos Storms, Destruction, Rebellion, Conflagrations, Earth-Shakings, Vortices CE Chaos - Destruction - Evil - Fire MA TTG Faction DM
Tempus War, Battle, Warriors CN Chaos - Protection - Strength - War AO   Faction DM
Tyr Justice LG Good - Knowledge - Law - War NC Ciaman Faction DM
Baccob Lord of All Magics, Archmage of the Deities N Knowledge - Magic - Trickery None   Senior DM/Dev
Beshaba Random mischief, Misfortune, Bad Luck, Accidents CE Chaos - Evil - Luck - Trickery MA   Faction DM
Gond Artifice, Craft, Construction, Smithwork N Earth - Fire - Knowledge RK   Faction DM
Helm Guardians, Protectors, Protection LN Law - Protection - Strength NC Accelerator Faction DM
Ilmater Endurance, Suffering, Martyrdom, Perseverance LG Good - Healing - Law - Strength NC   Faction DM
Kord Strength, athletes, gladiators CG Chaos - Good - Luck - Strength LA   Faction DM
Mielikki Forest, Forest Creatures, Rangers, Dryads, Autumn NG Animal - Good - Plant - Travel TC   Faction DM
Pelor Sun, The shining one, creator of many good things, bards NG Good - Healing - Strength - Sun None Pros1 Senior DM/Dev
Selune Moon, Stars, Navigation, Navigators, Wanderers, Seekers, Good & Neutral Lycanthropes CG Chaos - Good - Protection - Travel LA   Faction DM
St. Cuthbert Retribution, revenge, law, monks LN Destruction - Law - Protect - Strength NC   Faction DM
Tymora Good Fortune, Skill, Victory, Adventurers, Adventuring CG Chaos - Good - Luck - Protection - Travel LA   Faction DM
Umberlee Oceans, Currents, Waves, Sea Winds CE Chaos - Destruction - Evil - Water MA   Faction DM
Vecna God of Secrets, The whispered one NE Evil - Knowdledge - Magic None DeputyDog Senior DM/Dev
Wee Jas Death, Magic, The Witch Goddess LN Death - Law - Magic None   Senior DM/Dev
Auril Cold, Winter NE Air - Travel - Trickery None   Junior DM
Azuth Wizards, Mages, Spellcasters in general LN Magic - Knowledge - Law None   Junior DM
Deneir Glyphs, Images, Literature, Literacy, Scribes, Pictorial and Literary Art, Cartography NG Good - Knowledge - Protection None   Junior DM
Eldath Quiet Places, Springs, Pools, Stillness, Peace, Waterfalls, Druid Groves NG Good - Plant - Protection - Water TC   Faction DM
Lliira Joy, Happiness, Dance, Festivals, Carefree Celebration, Contentment, Release, Hospitality, Freedom/Liberty; CG Chaos - Good - Travel None   Junior DM
Loviatar Pain, Hurt, Agony, Torment, Suffering, Torture LE Evil - Law - Strength None   Senior DM/Dev
Malar Hunters, Hunting, Marauding Beasts and Monsters, Blood, Bloodlust, Evil Lycanthropes, Stalking CE Animal - Chaos - Evil - Strength None   Junior DM
Mask Thieves, Thievery, Shadows NE Darkness - Evil - Luck - Trickery MA   Faction DM
Milil Poetry, Song, Eloquence NG Good - Knowledge None   Junior DM
Shaundakul Travel, Exploration, Long Range Traders, Miners, Caravans, WindGhosts CN Air - Chaos - Protection - Travel None   Junior DM
Talona Disease, Poison CE Chaos - Destruction - Evil None   Junior DM
Torm Duty, Loyalty, Obedience, Paladins LG Good - Healing - Law - Protection - Strength NC   Faction DM
Waukeen Trade, Money, Wealth N Knowledge - Protection - Travel None   Junior DM
Bhaal Death, Especially violent or ritual death. CE Death - Chaos - Evil MA   Faction DM
Nerull Death, Darkness, Gloom, Despair NE Death - Evil - Trickery MA   Faction DM
Aerdrie Faenya Air, Weather, Avians CG Air - Animal - Chaos - Good None   Junior DM
Corellon Larethian Arts, Crafts, Music, War, Elven Magic CG Chaos - Good - Protection - War - Magic None   Junior DM
Deep Sashelas Creation, Knowledge, Beauty CG Chaos - Good - Knowledge - Water None   Junior DM
Erevan Ilesere Mischief, Change, Rogues CN Chaos - Elf - Luck - Trickery TC   Faction DM
Fenmarel Mestarine Feral Elves, Scapegoats CN Animal - Chaos - Plant - Trickery TC   Faction DM
Hanali Celanil Romantic Love, Beauty CG Chaos - Good - Magic - Protection None   Junior DM
Labelas Enoreth Time, Longevity CG Chaos - Good - Knowledge None   Junior DM
Rillifane Rallathil Woodlands, Nature, The Elven Forests, Wood Elves CG Chaos - Good - Plant - Protection None   Junior DM
Sehanine Moonbow Mysticism, Dreams, Far Journeys, Death, Transcendence CG Chaos - Good - Knowledge - Travel None   Junior DM
Solonor Thelandira Archery, Hunting CG Chaos - Good - Plant - War None   Junior DM
Eilistraee Song, Dance, Swordwork, Hunting CG Chaos - Good SL   Faction DM
Ghaunadaur Oozes, Slimes, Jellies, Outcasts, Rebels, All things Subterranean CE Chaos - Evil None   Junior DM
Lolth Spiders, Evil, Darkness, Rotting Death, Decay, Corruption CE Chaos - Darkness - Destruction - Evil - Trickery SL   Faction DM
Kiaransalee Undead, Vengeance CE Chaos - Evil - Death None   Junior DM
Vhaerun Theivery, Territory          
CE Chaos - Evil - Travel - Trickery SL   Junior DM
Moradin Creation, Smithing, Craftsmanship, War LG Earth - Good - Law - Protection RK   Faction DM
Abbathor Greed NE Evil - Luck - Trickery None   Junior DM
Berronar Truesilver Safety, Truth, Home, Healing, Wife of Moradin LG Good - Healing - Law - Protection RK Lady Cheron Faction DM
Clangeddin SilverBeard Battle LG Good - Law - Strength - War None   Junior DM
Deep Duerra Psionics, Conquest, Expansion, Duergar LE Evil - Law - War None   Junior DM
Dugmaren Brightmantle Scholarship, Discovery, Invention CG Chaos - Good - Knowledge None   Junior DM
Dumathoin Mining, Shield Dwarves, Underground Exploration N Earth - Knowledge - Protection None   Junior DM
Gorm Gultyn Protection LG Good - Law - Protection - War RK   Faction DM
Haela Brightaxe Adventurers, Luck, Battle CG Chaos - Good - Luck - War RK   Faction DM
Ladugeur Crafts, Protection, Duergar LE Evil - Law - Magic - Protection None   Junior DM
Marthammor Duin Shield Dwarfs NG Good - Protection - Travel None   Junior DM
Sharindlar Healing, Mercy CG Chaos - Good - Healing None   Junior DM
Thard Harr Jungle Dwarves CG Animal - Chaos - Good - Plant None   Junior DM
Vergadain Wealth, Luck N Luck - Trickery RK   Faction DM
Arvoreen Protection, Vigilance, war LG Good - Law - Protection - War None   Junior DM
Brandobaris Stealth, Thievery, adventuring N Luck - Travel - Trickery None   Junior DM
Cyrrollalee Friendship, Trust, home LG Good - Law None   Junior DM
Sheela Peryroyal: Nature N Air - Plant None   Junior DM
Yondalla Protection, Fertility LG Good - Law - Protection LA   Faction DM
Calladuran Smoothhands Protection, Earth, Mining, agriculture, Weather N Earth - Good - Healing - Protection None   Junior DM
Garl Glittergold Protection, Humor, Trickery, Gemcutting, Smithing NG Good - Law - Protection - Trickery None   Junior DM
Gruumsh War, Territory CE Chaos - Evil - Strength - War Orcs   Junior DM
Maglubiyet War, Rulership CE Chaos - Evil - Trickery - War Goblin   Junior DM
Hruggek Violence Combat CE Chaos - Evil - Strength - War Bugbear   Junior DM
Kurtlmak War, Mining LE Evil - Law - Luck - Trickery Kobolds   Junior DM
Great Mother Fertility, Tyranny LE Air - Evil - Law - Magic Abyss    
Gzemnid Gases, Fogs, Obscurement,Deception LE Air - Evil - Law - Trickery Planar Pros1 Senior DM/Dev
Juiblex The Dark God, Eternal Darkness, Cold, Decay, Enfeeblement, Paralysis CE Chaos - Evil Outsider   Senior DM/Dev
Bahamut (Paladine) Platinum Dragon LG, NG, CG, LN, N, CN Good - Law AO   Faction DM
Tiamat (Takhisis) Chromatic Dragon CE, NE, LE Evil - Law AO TGPO Faction DM
Baphomet Demon Prince of the endless maze, Minotaur CE Chaos - Evil - Strength - Trickery Abyss   Senior DM/Dev
The Okie God The Great God of the Okies CE Chaos - Trickery - Evil Okies   A brave soul