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A page for the Special Items in NS4. Note that this is about the item, not how/where to get it. Any spoilers will be erased.

Buying and Selling Items in Neversummer 4

All faction cities, Avendell, and Frostdale have shops. There is also a merchant of powerful items on the planes, but the way to this merchant is hidden. All faction city shops sell items from level 1 to level 9. Level 13 equipment is found in the Avendell shops. The Frost Dale shops sells only ammunition, up to level 16 items. The planar merchant is said to carry level 16 equipment, and a wide variety of ammunition. The non-unique generic items as well as the occasional artifact, can drop from nearly all types of monsters (except vermin and animals), and can also be found in treasure chests. Merchants identify items for 25% of their normal cost, and buy items from the player at 50% of their normal cost. Crafting items requires the player to spend 45% of the item's cost in gp.

Unique Items

Any equippable item that spawns has an extremely small chance of being a Unique item, which can have different and/or more item properties than the normal version of the item. Visit the page on Unique items for more information.

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