Construct Shape

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Type of Feat: (Epic) Class

Prerequisite: Epic Shifter, Wis 27

Required for: None

Specifics: The character can shapeshift into the following construct forms 3x/day: Iron Golem Shape, Stone Golem Shape, or Demonflesh Golem Shape.

Use: Selected

In order to qualify for any epic shapes, the character must only take levels in Druid or Shifter.

This form of shapeshifting cannot be dispelled.

Bonuses from weapons, armor, shield, helmet, boots, cloak, and jewelry merge into all three shapes. Base (non-magical) AC from shields merge but not from armor. Bracer/gauntlet/glove properties merge except for attack bonuses and bonus damage. Off-hand weapon and ranged weapon properties never merge. Unlike in the original campaign, all AC bonuses merge, not just the highest.

All Forms receive :

 Power Attack
 -10 Reflex Save (-5 from skin additional -5 from weapon)
 Immunity : Critical Hits
 Immunity : Disease
 Immunity : Level/Ability Drain
 Immunity : Poison
 Immunity : Spells 5 and lower
 +20 Discipline
 Huge Size

Weapon focus feats now work with all forms that use weapons. Feats must be taken for the weapon the specific form wields to apply.

The following table denotes your new Strength, Dexterity and Constitution, Temporary Hitpoints, and an additional dodge AC bonus.

Shape Str Dex Con Temp. HP Dodge AC bonus Special Weapon
Iron Golem 48 30 24 +90 +3 Slow Breath (Fortitude Save DC 16 + shifter level or be slowed) Scimitar
2d6 Electrical Damage
Slashing Immunity 25%
Damage Resistance Slashing 25/-
Stone Golem 48 30 24 +90 +3 Knockdown Bolt (Ranged touch attack to hit. Reflex Save DC 16 + shifter level or be knocked down for 2 rounds) Spear
2d6 Acid Damage
Piercing Immunity 25%
Damage Resistance Piercing 25/-
Demonflesh Golem 48 30 24 +90 +3 Monstrous Regeneration (2*shifter level regen per round for 5 rounds) Club
2d6 Fire Damage
Bludgeoning Immunity 25%
Damage Resistance Bludgeoning 25/-

For general information on NS4 shifting mechanics, see the Shifting Guide.