Craft Wand

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Type of Feat: Item Creation

Prerequisite: Spellcaster Level 5+

Required for: None

Specifics: The spellcaster can create a wand of any spell of 4th level or lower that he knows. Crafting a wand costs a small amount of XP and gold, depending on the level of the spell to be crafted into the wand. A newly created wand has 1d20 +1 charge per level of the character (up to a maximum of 50 charges). The cost for crafting a wand depends on the level of the spell as well as the level of the resulting wand. Spells granted by feats or special abilities cannot be used to craft a wand. Some examples:

  • wand of Magic missile (5) will cost 3750 gold and 150XP
  • wand of Melf's Acid Arrow (5) will cost 7500 gold and 300XP
  • wand of Fireball (5) will cost 11250 gold and 450XP

Use: Selected (In order to craft a wand, the character has to cast the spell in question on a specially crafted wand. i.e. bone wand material).

This feat is useless as NS4 uses a custom crafting system and components do not drop here.