Defensive Stance

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Type of Feat: Class

Prerequisite: Dwarven Defender 1

Required for: None

Specifics: When he needs to, the character can become a stalwart bastion of defense. In this defensive stance, he gains phenomenal strength and durability but he cannot move from the spot he is defending. At first level, this ability can be used 1x/day. Every 2 levels beyond 1, the character gains an additional use per day. He gains the following benefits:

  • +2 Strength
  • +4 Constitution
  • +2 resistance bonus on all saves
  • +4 dodge bonus on AC

Use: Selected

Automatically drops if your opponent is removed and another is not in reach. You can however re-target an opponent who is outside your range although you will not move to engage.

Your opponent can back away from you. This will not cancel the stance but neither will you move to attack.

Most any item can be used that does not require you to equip it (such as Healer's Kits) may be used whilst in defensive stance without breaking it.

You can cast spells while under stance, and it will not drop.

It can automatically drop if a party member intercedes between you and your opponent. This is treated as if you had no further targets.

Does not stack with other "modes" such as Expertise, Defensive Casting, Flurry of Blows or Power Attack.

The bonus granted by this feat will not stack over the limits of the game (ability increase +12, AC increase +20).