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Fists of the North Overview

Blessed is the glowing city, the jewel of the North, which is Holy Daeron, the paragon of light and redemption in this land beleugered by sinners. Her ideals shall rush forth across the realms in a cleansing tide of purity and goodness, a wave ridden by the noble Fists of the North.

Crusaders of righteousness and redemption, the Fists of the North stand to disabuse the infidels of the sundered factioned nations of their wicked ways, for only through the absolution of their heretical guilt, can the taint which mars their souls be sanitized. Through the Word or the Blade, the Fists shall shepherd the misled heathens to the Way, for salvation may only be gained by way of conversion or death.

The Fists of the North shall smite any evil which threatens the lands. Woe be unto those of deviance and vice, for they shall feel the sting of the Fists' wrath. The actions of the Fists are always for the common benefice, for in their wisdom, they are beholden to the golden course and eagerly lead others down said path... for their own good.

The Holy Triumverate of Helm, Tyr, and Torm shall lead the way. The Tenets of Protection, Duty, Loyalty, Obedience, and Justice shall ever be held in the highest of esteem.

We are the Fists of the North, and our Light shall shine upon all.

  • Alignments: The Guild is Lawful Good. Members may be Neutral Good/Lawful Neutral/Lawful Good.
  • Organization: Militant Theocracy. Structure is based on equality of all members. No member is held in greater importance to any other. There are no set leaders as all work to the common good.
  • Religions/Deity(s): Most often followers of the Holy Triumverate (Tyr, Helm, Torm), however, followers may practice worship of any of the benevolent pantheon. Forsaken (godless) are frowned upon.
  • Guild Hall: Humble Cottage Hall located in the center of Daeron.
  • Guild Colours: Blue and Silver/Grey (recent change from historical White and Purple)