Greater Wildshape I

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Type of Feat: Class

Prerequisite: Shifter

Required for: None

Specifics: The character with this ability can take the shape of a red, green, black, white, or blue wyrmling and use its signature ability, the breath weapon. As the character rises in levels, the damage potential of the breath weapon increases.

Use: Selected

This form of shapeshifting cannot be dispelled.

Bonuses from armor, shield, helmet, boots, cloak and jewelry merge into all three shapes. Bracer/gauntlet/glove properties merge except for attack bonuses and bonus damage. Weapon properties do not merge on unarmed forms. Off-hand weapon, and ranged weapon properties never merge. The following table denotes your new Strength, Dexterity and Constitution, Temporary Hitpoints, and an additional dodge AC bonus.

All wyrmling shapes receive :

 Weapon Finesse
 +8 Discipline
 Enhancement Bonus +1
 Immunity : Paralysis
 Massive Criticals 1d6
 Monster Damage 1d6
 18 Spell Resistance

Weapon focus feats now work with all forms that use weapons. Feats must be taken for the weapon the specific form wields to apply.

Color Str Dex Con AC bonus Special
Red 22 10 18 +4 Fire Damage 1d6
Cold Vulnerability 50%
Fire Immunity 75%
Blue 21 10 18 +5 Electrical Damage 1d6
Electrical Immunity 75%
+5 Hide
+5 Spellcraft
Black 19 12 16 +5 Acid Damage 1d6
Acid Immunity 75%
+5 Hide
+5 Move Silently
White 19 12 17 +5 Cold Damage 1d6
Fire Vulnerability 50%
Cold Immunity 75%
+4 Hide
+4 Move Silently
Green 20 10 16 +5 Acid Damage 1d6
Acid Immunity 75%
+5 Hide
+5 Move Silently

For general information on NS4 shifting mechanics, see the Shifting Guide.