Improved Disarm

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Type of Feat: General

Prerequisite: Int 13, Disarm

Required for: None

Specifics: A character with this feat has learned not to provoke an attack of opportunity when attempting a disarm. Success knocks the opponent's weapon from their hand. The penalty to make a disarm attempt is reduced to -4.

Use: Selected

PvM Disarm

  • Many NPC characters are un-disarmable for reasons of balance and module-economy.
  • Creature weapons for purposes of disarming count as the same size as the creature.
  • If used by a Monk, the weapon will go into the monk's inventory instead of dropping to the ground.

PvP Disarm

  • For PVP purposes, disarm has been altered so that on a successful disarm event:
    • If the Attacker is level 20 or greater then a check is made for a +/- 5 levels difference between the Disarmer and the Disarmee.
    • If the Attacker is less then level 20 then a check is made for a +/- 3 levels difference between the Disarmer and the Disarmee.
  • If the above check fails (ie a bigger than allowable difference in levels) then the disarmed item hits the owners backback and may not be reequipt until the owner rests.
  • If the terms of the level check are met a percentage chance of the weapon hitting the ground is calculated:
    • For attackers under level 25 this is 30% (70% chance it will hit the backback)
    • For attackers level 25 and over this is 50% (50% chance it will hit the backback)
    • If a whip was used to do the disarm the above percentage is gains a +20% (50% and 70% respectively) chance of causing the weapon to hit the ground.
  • Any weapon disarmed after passing the level check becomes unidentified and unequippable until the owner rests. (items caused to be unidentified by disarm are reidentified on rest)
  • Open-handed monk disarm works in exactly the same way as above. Disarmed weapons will hit the owners inventory or the floor - never the attackers inventory.