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These entries are specific to your currently running job, and represent only your progress in that job - not any underlying tasks or missions. The quests that the job opens up will appear as separate entries, but this journal entry gives you an overview of your current job level, as well as pointing you in the right direction to find related quests.

The Job System

Neversummer4 implements a new and unique way of creatively customizing your character and guiding you through the module - Jobs. The job system is intricately linked with but distinct from the quest system in Neversummer4, and can best be describe as a kind of "subclass" of your character that you can change at will.

Job Basics

Once you have joined or changed to a division, your division leader will begin to offer you jobs via a conversation-based menu called the Job Menu. From this menu, you will be able to view your current job status, job points, and review other jobs that are available to you. The job menu is also the only method of gaining job levels and mastering a job.

Initially, you will have no job. In order to start "moving up the ranks", you will have to choose one of the starting jobs that your division leader offers you. Some factions will allow you to choose your starting job - others will require you to start in a specific one. Whatever the case, progressing in this initial job will open up more job opportunities to you. Before changing to a job, your division leader will provide you with a brief summary of the job and the bonuses (if any) that it provides.

Almost every job will offer you a small bonus of some kind, whether it be a stat or skill increase, a bonus ability activated by an item, or a non-active ability (such as allowing entry into an otherwise inaccessible area). Any job bonuses you receive will remain with you as long as you hold that job - once you change jobs, you will lose all abilities you have gained. The only exception to this is when you Master the job - job masters retain their abilities as long as they stay in their division, no matter what job they are currently pursuing.

Points, Levels, and Mastery

Gaining levels in a job is very similar to gaining levels in a class - it is a point based system, with the ability to "level-up" after earning a certain number of Job Points (JP). Unlike a class, however, before gaining a job level you must report back to your division leader and select "Report Job Progress" from the Job Menu. This is the only way to progress to the next job level.

After a certain number of levels (which varies according to the job), you are considered to be so proficient in the job as to have Mastered it. Mastering a job is exactly like gaining a level, except that after you master a job you will no longer receive any JP in that job, and will be asked to choose another job to peruse. Mastery allows you to retain all job bonuses, even if you change jobs, so staying in a job as a master offers little benefit to you.

Earning JP

Job Points, or JP, are earned in a variety of ways depending on the job. Some jobs award you JP automatically every time you kill a certain creature, just like XP. Other jobs only provide JP after successful completion of a task or quest. You will receive a message similar to the XP message each time you gain JP, and when you have gained enough to advance a level, a notice will appear above your character informing you of this fact.

Keep in mind that the Jobs themselves do not provide you with quests - the journal entry that activates upon choosing a job is simply a general description of what your job requires you to do, it is up to you to seek out NPCs and creatures that fit your job description, and receive your quests from them.

Also remember that just because you are pursuing a job, that doesn't mean it should be the sole focus of your attention! In fact, some jobs require tasks that you will not be able to complete for a while, based on the current state of the world or the mood of an NPC, or whether a given creature is around or not. Keep exploring, and use the jobs as a guide to your explorations!

Jobs by Faction

Shadow Legion: There are three jobs for the Shadow Legion: Aggressor, Purger and Reprisalist.

Ragnar's Kin: There are two jobs for Ragnar's Kin: Stalwart and Minemaster.

Northern Coalition: There are two jobs for the Northern Coalition: Vigilant and Border Patrol.

Mystral Ascendency: There are two jobs for the Mystral Ascendancy: Arcanist and Sentinel.

The Circle: There are three jobs for The Circle: Empath, Advocate, and Liberator.

Ancient Ones: There are two jobs for the Ancient Ones: Exterminator and Slavery.