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Though they are not true Halflings, or related to them, Kenders are similar in size, appearance and culture. Usually Kender are somewhat taller and heavier than the average Halfling. Kender of all ages share a great childlike nature: they are curious, fearless, irrepressible, independent, lazy, taunting and irresponsible with others' possessions. Most Kender have a complete lack of common sense, but get along well with any other race and are quick to forget any misdeeds or problems.

Note: Kender is a Subrace of Halflings. To choose it you must pick Halfling at creation and choose Kender at first login.

Choosing the Halfling race will include Halfling adjustments already, therefore your stats will be adjusted from those selected at character creation as follows:

-2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma

Character Creation Notes:

  • Unavailable in the Ragnar's Kin due to racial restrictions.
  • Cannot be used to make Arcane Archers in the available factions due to racial restrictions.