Lesser Planar Binding

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Caster Level: Cleric 5 (Good Domain), Wizard/Sorcerer 5
Innate Level: 5
School: Conjuration
Components: V,S
Range: Short
Save: No
Spell Resistance: No
Area of Effect: Single or Point
Duration: 1 round for every 2 caster levels
Additional Counterspells: Dismissal
Description: The caster summons a planar ally. The caster's summon will be under the rules of the custom summons system of Neversummer 4, described in the Summons Guide. Good casters will summon a Lantern Archon, neutral casters will summon a Red Slaad, and evil casters will summon an Imp.

Note: If given the choice between this spell and Summon Creature V, and of a good alignment, this spell's summon will be far inferior in terms of damage, saves, and attack bonus, but has ~20 more health than Summon Creature V, giving a total of 144.