Lorekeeper Dwarf

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Buried deep within their mountain fortresses, Lorekeeper Dwarves pursue a solemn life of ascetic monasticism. They value knowledge and awareness above all else, dedicating themselves to the creation, maintainance, and study of vast underground libraries. Many make pilgrimages to the surface world in search of new books and reports of wars and famines in distant lands.

Note: Lorekeeper Dwarf is a Subrace of Dwarves. To choose it you must pick Dwarf at creation and choose Lorekeeper Dwarf at first login. Or type it in the Subrace menu when choosing your race.

Choosing the Dwarf race will include Dwarf adjustments already, therefore your stats will be adjusted from those selected at character creation as follows:

-2 Strength
-2 Constitution
+2 Intelligence
+2 Wisdom
+2 Charisma

Character Creation Notes:

  • Unavailable in the Ancient Ones due to racial restrictions.
  • Cannot be used to make Arcane Archers in the available factions due to racial restrictions.