Mummy Dust

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Type of Feat: General

Prerequisite: Cleric/Epic Druid/Epic Pale Master/Epic Sorcerer/Epic Wizard, Spellcraft 15, Cast 9th level spells

Required for: None

Specifics: Casts the Mummy Dust spell 1x per day

Use: Cast

Caster Level: Epic
Innate Level: 10
School: Conjuration
Components: V,S
Range: Short
Save: None
Spell Resistance: None
Area of Effect: Point
Duration: 1 turn/level
Additional Counterspells: None
Description: The caster summons a powerful mummy warrior to do their bidding. This spell is not affected by armor casting penalties, nor can it be interrupted.

  • The Mummy Dust summon's monster level and attack damage scales with the summoner's character level (not caster level). Because of this, Mummy Dust is generally weaker than Dragon Knight at low levels.
  • The summon's monster level is equal the summoner's character level, and always receives alternating Fighter and Undead levels.
  • Mummy Dust has no level cap, unlike other Undead summons.

Additionally, Mummy Dust receive the following bonuses:

  • An AB, AC, strength, dexterity, and constitution increase equal to the sum of the following:
  • A turn resistance increase equal to the sum of the above x2.

See the Summons Guide for more information.

Mummy King

  • Summon level and stats scale with the summoner's character level (not caster level). Given stats are at level 40.
  • All summon stats are listed without bonuses from spell focus feats, domains, caster race, or caster level.
  • Use these stats as a base and use the above summon bonus guide to find final stats of your summon.
  • The stats are considered "naked" stats in that they are listed without any bonuses that count towards any caps except for the summons' weapon enchantment bonuses.


Str: 41
Dex: 13
Con: 16
Int: 10
Wis: 10
Cha: 9


HP: 667
Level: Fighter (20), Undead (20)

AC: 30

Main Weapon: Unarmed
Attack Bonus*: 46/41/36
Enchantment Bonus*: +6
Damage*: 2d10+15 Bludgeoning + 2d10 Cold (19-20/x2)
*Undead creature weapon enchantment and damage scale with undead hit die. Listed AB and damage is with 40 hit die and a +6 natural attack, which counts towards ab caps

Armor: None

Fortitude: 25
Reflex: 19
Will: 30

Base Attack: 25
Size: Medium
Spell Resistance: 0
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Race: Undead

Damage Immunity: Piercing 75%
Damage Immunity: Slashing 50%
Damage Vulnerability: Bludgeoning 50%
Elemental Immunity: Cold 75%
Elemental Immunity: Electrical 75%
Elemental Resistance: Cold 5/-
Elemental Resistance: Acid 5/-
Elemental Vulnerability: Acid 50%
Elemental Vulnerability: Fire 55%
Immunity: Critical Hit
Immunity: Death Magic
Immunity: Disease
Immunity: Fear
Immunity: Negative Level
Immunity: Ability Decrese
Immunity: Mind Spells
Immunity: Poison
Immunity: Sneak Attack


*Irrelevant weapon and armor feats not listed
Called Shot
Dirty Fighting
Great Cleave
Great Fortitude
Improved Critical (unarmed strike)
Improved Power Attack
Iron Will
Lightning Reflexes
Power Attack
Resist Acid Energy
Resist Cold Energy
Skill Focus (Concentration)
Skill Focus (Hide)
Skill Focus (Listen)
Spring Attack
Weapon Finesse
Weapon Proficiency (creature)


Concentration: 7
Discipline: 58
Hide: 15
Parry: 43
Taunt: 10