Player Killing

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Player Killing Ruling

The PK Issue and the rule concerning it:

The excessive PK issue has been following us since Neversummer 4 opened. From here on this will be the rule that we will be applying to it. This in no way abrogates any other rules, rather specifically defines one area of the harassment rule.

Excessive PK will be defined by:

  • 3 Players Kills of any single character by the same player within a 6 hour period.

Modifiers to this rule.

  • If the PK'r stays put (same general area) and the PK'd keeps running back, then its the PK'd and not the PK'r who is at fault.
  • It has to be intentional, walking into a free fire zone (active NS City raid) and getting nailed by just being too close is just a hazard of the world.
  • If the loser actively hunts the winner of said match and loses again its on the loser's head. (this is not the re-logging new