Playing Guidelines

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Neversummer Playing Guidelines

While Neversummer is a module built on the freedom of a player to enjoy their RPG experience, the nature of an online persistent world means that player interaction is fundamental. We have learned from experience that as much as we would like to say "Use common sense" and leave it at that, it simply leads to too many problems. To ensure that the "fun factor" is preserved for all players, we have enumerated some actions that are considered generally detrimental to the community, and are thus prohibited.

Below is a list of what is considered inappropriate player behavior on Neversummer. The DMs have the right to take any action necessary on the Neversummer servers, including banning, to prevent undue disruption of the world. Please understand that this list is simply to provide a baseline so that grief players can not plead ignorance. These rules will not even concern the 99% of people who simply want to enjoy the realm like everyone else.

Public swearing

Neversummer is a family-friendly server, and we have many younger players, and many players who might be offended by vulgarity. Therefore, any swearing on the shout channel is generally a violation of the rules. Occasional slip-ups will occur, but as long as they are not repeated and not directed at another player in anger