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The Legendary Brethren is one of the oldest guilds of Neversummer 4. The guild is the first officially recognized guild of the Last Alliance, and in July of 2008 the guild made its move to Ragnar's Kin due to the gods removing Last Alliance as a playable faction.

The fundamental guidelines for tLB members are:

1. Protect the lands, people and relics of the Ragnar's Kin & the Ancient Ones
2. Aid the Ancient Ones in defending their relic cradle and relic runners.
3. Remove marauding lowbie-killing goons anywhere they decide to hunt.
4. Encorage new players (with RK toons) by raising them or giving them starting cash or buffs.
5. Kill/attack enemies of tLB on sight especially the vile drow, kill them twice if possible.

Of the various gods of the Ragnar's Kin, the Brethren favor Moradin the most, with Vergadain a close second.

Guild History

-February 2005-
The guild was formed by Anicetus, Ragnarok, and Goreshade. The Brethren was formed at least in part as a means of protection against marauding pkers that were active on the server at the time. It was originally founded as a Last Alliance only guild, but a small player base led to the opening of the guild to other factions. In time, the guild ended up with characters from every faction on the server. Early activities of the guild generally included raiding cities for experience and equipment and battling guild enemies.

-May 2005-
The founding members of the Brethren left Neversummer 4 and transferred leadership to Elagneros. Unfortunatly, because of a several month absense of Elagneros, the guild withered. In September 2005, Elagneros returned to the server, and with the help of two remaining active members of the guild, BlkMamba and Slash, rebuilt and strengthened the guild later adding Celorn.

-December 2005-
The guild began to receive official support, and the Brethren chose to revert to a Last Alliance only guild. The first official guild house went in for tLB, and the guild became active in defending Neversummer City and participated heavily in relic raiding, including the server first capture and many times capturing and holding all 7 relics.

-August 2006-
Elagneros stepped-down as leader and control of the guild was taken up by the high-level brethren; BlkMamba, Celorn and KingFatzo.

-Mid 2007-
Saw many members vanish, some became Gods (DMs), some left the server, others left for other guilds. The relic wars continued and tLB joined forces with HNs, also of LA (at the time) and the untagged MD members that moved to LA from MA after their guild had been wiped from the world.

-July 2008-
The server updated to patch 1.69, and with it came some world-changing changes, including the removal of Last Alliance as a playable faction! The returned leader, Celorn and the members of tLB 'decided' to move underground as members of the Ragnar's Ki], which is a fitting place since dwarfs are natural enemies of the drow and following with that the guilds of the Shadow Legion (DD and IO) are KoS.

Guild Rules

The Brethren maintain four cardinal rules:

  1. Follow the rules of Neversummer. Watch your language, do not harass other players, and do not exploit module bugs. For more details, read the rules on the Neversummer boards. As a guild, we have an obligation to set an example for the other players in the game.
  2. Don't take disagreements with other players onto the shout channel. Some players whine on shout when they don't get their own way. Brethren players do not. It's that simple. Keep disagreements in tells, and resist getting dragged into an argument over shout. This falls under the "do not abuse shout" rule of Neversummer.
  3. Respect the DMs. The DMs put a lot of work into running the game. Again, it's about setting a good example for the other players, and establishing a good image for the guild as a whole.
  4. Do not prey on newbies. While this is a pk server, don't pick on players who are easy kills unless they are an official 'enemy' of tLB, or if they attack you or your party first. Since the server was wiped and came out of beta, the player base size and active users is no longer an issue.

Joining the Brethren requires an agreement between the core members, after the applicant has proven his or herself in some way. These ways can be; attaining a level 30+ Ragnar's Kin character, or capturing a relic for RK, or protecting the RK and AO relic cradle aiding tLB members or by themselves, taking down a planes boss or two with tLB members present in the party (preferably one of the high brethren or hands).

NEW people may be allowed into the guild before 'proving' themselves, but will not have mule access until they have shown their dedication to the guild.

Guild Ranks

Brethren Leader

Celorn is in charge of moderating the nsrealm tLB forum, and leadership of the guild also fell into his hands when the other members went MIA.

High Brethren

There are currently five players who hold the rank of High Brethren, they have access to the key mule, the special guild mules and are able to make guild decisions in Celorn's absence. They are BlkMamba, Slash, Anicetus, Goreshade and Centurion.

Brethren Members

This will be a list of tLB who have reached lvl 40 on a toon , for the moment there are none as the server was wiped recently and we have busy lives outside of the game.

Relations with Other Guilds

Brethren members may join parties for experience and equipment that are led by neutral guilds if they wish to do so, but encouraged to stick with friendly guilds if members are available to party with.

Friendly guilds

Neutral (tentative) guilds

Enemy Guilds

There are a few guilds which are considered Brethren enemies. Their members are considered KoS, and Brethren members should not party with them or aid them except in special (OOC) circumstances (dm events, raising mob-killed enemies during pvp, trading back items in hostile areas, etc...).

  • Death Dealers - red=dead for them, so it's their choice to be targets.
  • IO - Kill them first, ask questions later.