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Tenets of behavior and conduct of The Silver Striders (TSS)

Well met one and all!

The Silver Striders are a guild/clan of rangers and druids, as well as chaotic/neutral-to-goodly bards, barbarians, and other warriors, based in Melencia. Our aims are to defend the defenseless, protect the innocent and preserve Nature from wanton (read: gratuitous, unnecessary) despoiling and destruction. It goes without saying that our first and foremost duty is to defend Melencia and its territories, as well as our allies Northern Coalition.

Other rules of general behavior in game:

  • although TSS has a guild leader, we function primarily through consensus
  • enemy of a friend is our enemy too. Help CLAD and FON when help is needed.
  • try to get relics in Melencia whenever it is possible
  • do not raid Northern Coalition
  • always be respectful of factions and alliances within the game (i.e. no in-faction/in-alliance pking)
  • always respect honorably <a href="http://www.nsrealm.com/public/ns4/viewtopic.php?t=3504" class='