The Nexus

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The Nexus is a planar portal transport system constructed by a race long since forgotten. It also had the unfortunate side effect of acting as 'cracks' in the planes, trapping those who didn't bind to rift shards or who had problems respawning at their shards. Trapped there for eons, many of the citizens of the factions have gone insane.... Perhaps a breakdown in the magics that sustain the Nexus is what is responsible for the dimensional rifts which are flooding Aetheria with invaders.

The Nexus is connected to each of the faction cities. Each of these seven areas also connect to one other location on Aetheria itself as well, and two planes beyond Aetheria itself. These planes in turn appear to be interconnected in a way not fully understood by Aetheria's sages and loremasters. The entire Nexus itself is constructed in a roughly circular pattern. Its rough form is two planes for each faction arranged around the central column of the Nexus, each plane on the left connecting with the plane above and to the right, the reverse for the other connecting to below and to the left. Access to the Nexus is granted by entering Rift Portals scattered throughout Aetheria and on the planes themselves.

Recently, the use of some of these portals was learned by those who studied them. As a result, the inhabitants of Aetheria now have the opportunity to adventure out onto the planes. The functioning Nexus are as follows: