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PostPosted: Tue May 20, 2008 6:35 pm 
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I awoke to the gentle sound of footsteps in the hall, the hardened leather tapping gently against the stone floor. You could tell they were trying to be quiet, but I wasn't sleeping very deeply lately, and neither was the rest of the city. It was almost like a sixth sense, the darkness growing all around Aetheria. The Watch had been stepped up all over the city; Lord Einhard demanding reports every hour. These were dark times indeed.

I heard the footsteps stop outside my door, followed by a gentle rapping on the mahogony frame. I opened the door and found one of my dearest friends standing before me. Sir Sock Monkey of ~HNs~, the bravest Paladin of all the land and champion of Lathander. I had not seen much of him lately, not since the corruption of the White Lord and our crusade to free him from Lloth's hold. But that is a story for another time. His face was stoic as always and revealed nothing, but I knew the news could not be good. All he could tell me was that we were to report to City Hall immediately and with the utmost discretion. And so we did, careful to stay out of sight.

When we arrived, Minister Zachian ushered us to the Council Administrator, Millin Cranston, who told us a tale I had heard time and time again as a child. A tale of dungeons and dragons, swords and sorcery, and evil. A child's bed time story, no more and no less. Or was it? And so he spoke..

"It was a time of peace and prosperity, although it may not have seemed that way. Despite war raging on between the seven factions, the power was balanced with no one faction maintaining dominance for long. And while many died in the battles for the relics, overall the land was prospering and each faction maintained peace within. But not all were happy with this arrangement, there were those who wished absolute power over all of Aetheria, and if they could not have it, they would destroy it all instead. In each faction there were those who felt this way, but all lacked the power to implement their plans. Except for one group. It is written that a group of the Ancient Ones created a device that was powerful enough to control the world. But in small tests many slaves were killed due to malfunctions of the device. There were those who wished to use it anyway, destroy the world if they must in their quest for power. But reason prevailed and those in power tried to destory the device without success. It seems the device was too powerful to allow its own destruction, and so it was taken apart and the pieces were scattered throughout Aetheria in the hopes that they would never be rejoined. Several dragons flew to the far reaches of Aetheria to live out their lives as protectors of the world's greatest danger.

And so the story is written. And so it was forgotten. Taken as the tale of a jester or a child's bedtime story. But it is true. And we are in danger once more. It seems that those charged so long ago with protecting the device have forgetten their duties and seek to once more combine the parts and activate the device. I have no doubt that something far more sinister lies behind these schemes. Those chosen to protect the pieces were chosen due to their honor and loyalty, I fear that they have been influenced by a greater power, perhaps even a god. But nevertheless we have our proof. Letters intercepted and taken from the corpses of drow scouts, and indication perhaps of who is behind this. These letters state the intentions of the dragons and they must be stopped. We have very little knowledge of the location of these former protectors. You must seek them out. Start with the Ancient One who inhabits Sleeth. He may know more, but be wary, he may be one of them."

And so we left for Sleeth to seek the first out. It was a hostile city but we were prepared for the worst, two seasoned adventurers out to save the world. We traveled under the cover of darkness and invisibility during the day. Stowing away in the holds of ships on our journey to Sleeth.

Upon our arrival we sought out the dragon but he was no where to be found. Only destruction remained, a clear indication of what was to come. We sought out some guards and interrogated them.

Apparently the dragon had destroyed part of the city and fled, where to they did not know. But we did manage to pry another tale from them and with it perhaps the location of another dragon. They did not know exactly where he dwelled, only that it was somewhere off the Old Wyrm Road.

And so our journey continued. We returned to Neversummer and then set off down the Silver Road and up through Old Town. Now haunted and full of ghosts. We reached the Old Wyrm Road and traversed the treacherous Bottomless Pit and finally reached the Lost Canyon.

This had to be the right path. The wicked spawn of the creature were all around us. We pushed forward, destroying everything that stood in our way.

We came upon his lair. The stench of death and decay filling our noses. And there he stood, mighty Quith'yot the Red. He towered above us and I could feel fear flowing through my veins. I felt a warmth flow over me as Sock walked up beside me, completely resolute. We approached Quith'yot and yelled out a greeting, hoping he was not one who had been turned. We announced our intentions that we only wished to make sure he and the piece he protected were safe. He turned to face us, a magnificent creature he stood and roared, and attacked..

he battle raged on for what seemed like hours. Blood and sweat coating the ground and making it hard to stand. And finally he fell to the ground. We stood exhausted staring at the giant body. Still ready, waiting for it to make another move, but it did not. Quith'yot was slain.

We found two large treasure chests overflowing with gold and jewels. One was unlocked and contained more treasure, the second however was locked by both steel and magic. I slid my lockpicks into it and practiced my trade, easily opening it. However, when I opened the lid a burst of white light shone, knocking me back several feet. I was dazed, but I stood up and shook it off, and looking inside the chest found what we were looking for. A small non-descript peice you would ignore as trash, if not for the feeling. The feeling of power that flowed from it was like a tidal wave crashing against you. I slowly reached out and picked it up, it was a lot lighter than I had expected, and placed it in my coffer. We turned from the bloody cavern and headed back home to Neversummer. Today's battle was won, but the war was far from over. There were still many peices to find and collect to ensure the world's salvation.

To be continued..

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