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Neversummer Playing Guidelines

While Neversummer is a module built on the freedom of a player to enjoy their RPG experience, the nature of an online persistent world means that player interaction is fundamental. We have learned from experience that as much as we would like to say "Use common sense" and leave it at that, it simply leads to too many problems. To ensure that the "fun factor" is preserved for all players, we have enumerated some actions that are considered generally detrimental to the community, and are thus prohibited.

Below is a list of what is considered inappropriate player behavior on Neversummer. The DMs have the right to take any action necessary on the Neversummer servers, including banning, to prevent undue disruption of the world. Please understand that this list is simply to provide a baseline so that grief players can not plead ignorance. These rules will not even concern the 99% of people who simply want to enjoy the realm like everyone else.

Public swearing

Neversummer is a family-friendly server, and we have many younger players, and many players who might be offended by vulgarity. Therefore, any swearing on the shout channel is generally a violation of the rules. Occasional slip-ups will occur, but as long as they are not repeated and not directed at another player in anger, the DMs will usually overlook them.

DMs will not police party chat or tells for swearing, unless a member of the party or recipient of the tell requests DM intervention.

Racial slurs, obscene or indecently sexual language, and personally attacking language are all prohibited, no matter what channel the message is in.

Player Harassment

Before one can do anything about harassment, one needs to understand exactly what harassment is:

Webster's: These verbs mean to trouble persistently or incessantly. Harass and harry imply systematic persecution by besieging with repeated annoyances, threats, or demands: The landlord harassed tenants who were behind in their rent. A rude customer had harried the storekeeper. Hound suggests unrelenting pursuit to gain a desired end: Reporters hounded the celebrity for an interview. To badger is to nag or tease persistently: The child badgered his parents for a new bicycle. To pester is to inflict a succession of petty annoyances: “How she would have pursued and pestered me with questions and surmises” (Charlotte Brontë). Plague refers to a problem likened to an epidemic disease: “As I have no estate, I am plagued with no tenants or stewards” (Henry Fielding).

While the Webster’s definition of harassment is in some fashion comical, it brings up a number of issues. Rudeness, badgering, nagging, pestering, annoying, plaguing, troubling, persecuting, threatening, demanding. You name it. Harassment in NS is intentionally and continually upsetting another player – simple as that.

This can include using foul language directed in a personally attacking fashion, initiating PvP against another player for malicious reasons – the works.

A DM will use their best judgment in dealing with cases of harassment and PvP, but a DMs decision is always final.

Use of Exploits

Players who use exploits to better their characters without reporting the exploits are a problem - they can upset the economy of the server, as well as give themselves and their friends an unfair advantage over all other players. Exploits may include (but are not limited to):
  • Harvesting of high level items in a questionable fashion
  • Defeating bosses by "trapping", etc.
  • Circumventing the physical boundaries of the world
  • Exploiting quests
  • Excessive Camping

Players or groups who excessively camp a specific spot in order to harvest items from a mob are not an issue unless they prevent other players from getting the same drop. Once they camp to the point where other players cannot get the item, it’s considered to be excessive camping.

Camping does not include defending your factional territory.

Kill Stealing

Kill stealing when another player purposely takes the kill experience from the player/party that initiated combat with the creature. This is generally frowned upon, but in a faction-vs-faction setting can be allowed.

Ninja Looting

This is when another player not involved in the killing of a creature steals items from the kill before the responsible party can retrieve them. Again, this is permissable in a faction-vs-faction setting only.


While scripted solutions to many problems with the Pick Pocket skill have been implemented in Neversummer, abuse of the skill is still possible.

Stealing items from other players is part of the rogue’s purpose in the game, but some people can take it too far. Players who continually do this can be considered as harassers.

In general, you should not pick pockets in combat, against dead players, or against players of your own faction. Determination of abuse is left to the DM, and may rely a great deal on an evaluation of past history or prior complaints.

Player Killing

This is probably one of the toughest subjects in online PWs – sometime players deserve it, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes it’s accidental, sometimes it’s purposeful and malicious, or simply without reason. The servers will be Player vs Player and faction battle will happen, however general common sense should tell you if you are going to far.

Excessive killing or the hunting down of low level characters for sport are unacceptable. PKing to the point of harassment, to where it affects another player's enjoyment severely, will also not be tolerated. As with Pick Pocket, resolution of PKing situations that come to a DM will depend largely on the reputation of the players involved and their histories.

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