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 Post subject: Crafting and Tradeskills
PostPosted: Sun May 30, 2004 5:40 am 
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Crafting and Tradeskills

Supported trade skills in Neversummer are: Potion Making, Scroll Scribing, Armor Smithing, Martial Weapon Smithing, Exotic Weapon Smithing, Leather Working, Magic Item Crafting, Fletching and Tailoring in no particular order. Most crafting and tradeskill stations are located inside merchant shops, or outside in market squares.

Each tradeskill type has its own tradeskill placeable that you interact with to create crafted items. In lieu of components or "mining/farming" items, crafting simply costs gold and XP, to represent the process of finding these necessary components or the training required to skillfully craft.

Potion Making, Scroll Scribing

The ability to cast the spell is all you need. Use the placeable and a conversation is fired asking you how many of the scroll or potion you wish to make (1, 2, 3, 5 or 10). This ends the conversation and you then cast the spell for which you wish to create potions or scrolls.

After casting, the scroll or potion will appear in the placeable, and you will recieve a message telling you the gold and experience costs. When you take the items the experience and gold cost is deducted from you. If you cannot meet them, the items will be taken from you.

Closing the placeable clears all information related to this function, so it will reset things if someone configures a device and leaves.

Progressive Trade Skills

For all other tradeskills:

You must have at least 10 in the following stats to learn and perform craft skills: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Wisdom. Temporary stat increases (e.g., from Bull's Strength or the like) and bonuses from items WILL count for this requirement.

There is a limit of one tradeskill to a player character. As your characters are primarily adventurers, you can only advance your craft in one tradeskill since you are also practicing your thieving, fighting, casting, and so on. Switching tradeskills is possible at anytime, however you will lose all experience in your old skill.

An experience cost and gold cost is the only thing needed to be met to craft items. You're not building these items from scratch so to speak, more like assembling a computer from components. There is a time and money investment, but you're working with materials that are properly enchanted to begin with.

The trade skill stations differ in the maximum level of goods that can be made in that particular region and the gold cost of crafting items. For example, crafting armor in the mines of Ragnar's Kin will be slightly cheaper compared to Melencia Forest (the Circle) and higher crafting levels of items can be made there. Conversely, Leatherworking in Melencia will be superior to that of Ragnar's Kin.

The epic level crafting stations (Master Artisan) are few and far between and must be sought out.

Crafting an Item

Use any tradeskill station, and a conversation will begin. If you have no tradeskill or the tradeskill of the station is not your tradeskill, you have the option of doing nothing or learning this tradeskill. This means this skill is now your tradeskill and you are at the first craft level of this trade, losing all progress in your previous skill.

If this station is for your tradeskill, a list of item quality levels appears for you to pick from (i.e. level 1 can make Apprentice level items, level 2 can make Journeyman or Apprentice, and so forth up to Master Artisan). Choose the level of gear you wish to craft. The success of potion and scroll crafting increases with a caster's ranks in Brew Potion and Scribe Scroll, respectively.

When you choose an item level to craft, all the items of that skill level skill are created in the placeable. They're identified, so that you can examine them and make your selection. You are also notified of the gold and experience cost to craft each item. When you decide to craft an item, remove it from the station. The item's experience and gold costs are calculated and deducted from you. If you cannot meet the experience cost without level loss or cannot afford the gold cost the item will be taken from you. Remaining items in the placeable will be destroyed, as will any item you place in it.

If someone that is not the Crafting Player removes an item from the placeable while you are crafting, that item will be destroyed as well as any remaining items in the placeable, without further penalty to any players involved. Vent your frustrations in an appropriate manner, please.

After costs are paid, your crafting experience is updated.

Each crafting level has a variable amount of experience needed to advance. This amount corresponds to if you have been crafting at your present level for a longer time (less crafting experience needed) or a short time (more crafting experience needed). An interactive sign is available in all crafting areas to update you on your character's crafting progress.

Tradeskill Craftable Types
  • Armor: Heavy Armors, Shields, Helmets, and Bracers. Required Feats: All Armor Proficiencies, Shield Proficiency. Only Fighters can attain Artisan and above.
  • Martial Weapons: Simple and Martial Weapons. Required feat: Martial Weapon Proficiency. Only Fighters can attain Master Artisan.
  • Exotic Weapons: Exotic Weapons. Required feat: Exotic Weapon Proficiency. Only Fighters can attain Artisan and above.
  • Fletching: Bows, Crossbows, Arrows, Bolts and Bullets. No feats required. Rangers, Harpers, and Arcane Archers can achieve Master Artisan. Bard, Druid and Rogue can achieve Artisan.
  • Leather: Leather Armor, Boots, Belts, Gauntlets, Cloaks, Healing Kits. Druid and Ranger can achieve Master Artisan, Rogue and Bard can achieve Artisan.
  • Arcane crafting: Wands, Rods, Staves, Amulets. Arcane casting class required, Bards cannot attain Master Artisan.
  • Tailoring: Helms, Gloves, Cloaks, Cloth Armor, Healing Kits. No feats required. Monk, Rogue and Bard can attain Master Artisan, Ranger and Druid can attain Artisan.

If you have levels in Assassin, Blackguard, Cleric, Divine Champion, Dwarven Defender, Dragon Disciple, Paladin, Palemaster, or Shadowdancer, the maximum craft level you can attain is Craftsman (Level 3) in any Tradeskill (these classes have significant other duties to perform or skills to practice).

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