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 Post subject: Items and Item Types
PostPosted: Sun May 30, 2004 5:49 am 
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Items and Item Levels

Items in Aetheria range from the almost useless trappings of a Kobold Slave to the overwhelmingly powerful artifacts used by high-level Faction leaders. To represent the varying degrees of difficulty that exist in handling and using such items appropriately and without endangering their user, Neversummer has implemented a system of Item Levels.

Item Types

There are four basic types of items in Neversummer 4:
  • Dropped Loot: These items are used and equipped by the various creatures around Aetheria. Their levels vary directly with the level of the creature, and will drop randomly when the creature is killed.
  • Crafted Items: Created by the skills of a character, these can also vary widely in usefulness. Generally, they are on par with Dropped Loot, however they are much easier and less expensive to create compared to purchasing them from a merchant.
  • Gold, Gems, and Art: Ranging from a tiny worthless children's toy to the most magnificent, polished diamond - these items' only value lies in their aesthetic (and monetary) appeal. Keep them as souvenirs or sell them to merchants - it's up to you.
  • Unique Items and Artifacts: Crafted or used only by one or two powerful creatures, these items are almost always significantly more valueable than any normally dropped item. They sometimes drop on the unlikeliest of creatures - even a lowly Hobbit, after all, could stumble upon a precious ring in the dark mountain caverns.
Item Levels

Items, especially those in the Droppable Loot categry, are usually grouped by the material from which they are constructed. This determines the level of character that can safely wear or use the item.
  • Iron, Oak, Brass, or Tailored Cloth: Levels 1 - 4
  • Steel, Maple, Silver, or Masterwork Cloth: Levels 5 - 8
  • Enhanced Steel, Cherry, Gold, or Fine Cloth: Levels 9 - 12
  • Mithril, Willow, Platinum, or Enchanted Cloth: Levels 13 - 16
  • Imbued Mithril, Ebonwood, Mithril, or Imbued Robes: Levels 17+

Unique and Planar items, including powerful Artifacts, are usually restricted to levels 20 and above. These are a favorite of the Epic Level characters who travel the planes.

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