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 Post subject: New NC guild forming
PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2006 7:20 pm 
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Torms Wrathful Blades is forming as a proposed guild for NC. the guild will obviously be for followers of Torm and COT builds but COT is not required.

if you wish to get in on the ground floor send me a pm or post here or on the "your guilds here" forum. ( a repost of this will be there also)

i want to make this a non pk guild of a sorts meaning if opposed players will be given full quarter if asked for, but they have to ask for it. now some pk will be unavoidable as in city deffense ect but in the wilds we WILL NOT engage in any pk or hunting of "noobs" ect. after all this is a mostly LG guild.

this however will be supercieded by a coupple of instances the afore mentioned city deffense and any order by Torm must be obeyed without question or hesitation. on the matter of relic raids ect no citzens ie non combatants ect shall not be harmed. and agian full quarter will be given if asked for by a player or dm controled NPC. also known evil agents ( see below) are not subject to any non pk vows and no quarter will be given to them but they must be on the list of known evil.

aid will be offered to any allies we currently have regardless of faction but not regardless of alingment this means we will not help thoes of evil alingment now since pallys DE skill is not implimented on this server this will be a difficult area and any mistakes if made will be overlooked aslong as it was a mistake and you have proof (ie a ss) of asking the recipient of the aid his alingment. undoubtedly a good majority of evil players will lie but as we ferret out the flase they will be added to a list of known evil agents.

some of these rules probibly be changed as we evolve and better understand Torms will and suggestions are welcome.

this is what i came up wth while writing this and like i said suggestions are welcome and needed to further serve our Lords will.

if this sounds like the guild for you please sign below and create a NEW toon with a approprate TWB tag in its name.

may your path be blessed in Torms name,
Aarkon the Unwavering, leader and founder of Torms Wrathful Blades

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