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Be afraid, be very afraid!!

Wednesday January 7, 2009 21:20

Posted By DM_Kim in NS4 News and Announcements

Hi all.

First off. Thank you to everyone who sent me get-well and expressed a concern through e-mail and pm's. I did have that surgery, there were some problems that kept me down all this time. However, I'm back.. I should be in game shortly to harass as many of you as I can, plan on getting back to work on smaller dev thingys and possibly new content, watching over forums and see who needs a beating with my ugly stick, I very much plan on sharing my pain. LOL

For those of you who don't know me.....

Be afraid, be very afraid!!

(Glad to be back folks missed you all)

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Dual Logging

Sunday December 28, 2008 16:35

Posted By Amoenotep in NS4 News and Announcements

I will take this time to remind you that we frown on players dual logging in toons and letting them sit idle while they play something else. If you leave your chars dual logged and afk and we find them....pretty things will start to happen to you.

and you know when i start talking about pretty ain't good.

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2 Day Event : Defenders of the Relic !

Monday December 15, 2008 10:35

Posted By Dalan in NS4 News and Announcements

Soldiers of Aetheria. It's time, once again to participate in, "Relic Warfare!"

Build your Alliances, discuss your strategies, and draw up battleplans to lay waste to your enemies! Enlist those that Smite Evil! Roll out the soldiers of Neutrality! Set loose the destructive powers Chaos! All, in order to gain the power of the Relics!

Balance and Law! Strength and Discipline! Chaos and Greed! By which of these tenets will Aetheria be ruled? Not even the Gods know, for it is up to you, 'Warriors of Aetheria!', to decide. The Victor shall have the Defender of the Relic statue erected in their city.

Now, here are the details.

-The relic counter in Avendell will be set to zero, and all relics sent to their home cradle, Saturday, Dec. 20th, 2008, at 9:00 am (cst).
-At that time announcements on shout will be made in order to officially start the event.
-Victory is achieved by having the highest number of relic captures, as per the relic counter in Avendell.
-The event shall end on Sunday, Dec. 21st, 2008, at 12:00 am, Midnight (cst).
-At that time, announcements on shout will be made to officially end the event.
-The winning faction will have the Defender of the Relic statue placed in their city.
-A reward will be given to the MVP of each faction actively involved in relic warfare. (A player vote in the forums will determine MVP's)
-Presently, TC is the humble and rightful owner of this statue.
-Good Luck to ye all!

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Important Notice

Monday November 24, 2008 13:51

Posted By LinuxPup in NS4 News and Announcements


As in added measure of security, you must be using the same CD key you used to create a character in order to log in that character. We realize this can be very inconvenient to some people's accounts, so we've added a few chat commands:

"/disablesecurity" - Disables CD key check for character. (must be logged in using original cd key to do this)
"/enablesecurity" - Re-enables CD key check for character.
"/checksecurity" - Check whether or not security is enabled/disabled.

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Ns4 and you...

Monday October 13, 2008 18:43

Posted By Amoenotep in NS4 News and Announcements

Congratulations, NS4 has moved into a new realm of operations....we officially have no devs. Thats right, none. We have 1 ns5 dev that does bug fixes out of the kindness in his tiny little heart...but ns4 has no devs to call its own.

What does this mean for you?
It means that no new content can be added to the mod. No new projects can be undertaken. We are at a standstill...for now.

What can you do to help?
If you have experience in coding(i think nwn is c+ based or something) and developing, and wish to contribute to a mod that is the home for hundreds. Send in an application so that we can get to know you to see if your right for the team.

*applicants need be proficient in scripting, a little area design with the toolset, be willing to take criticism and complaints, willing to work within the scope of a team environment*

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Hello Everyone!!!!

Monday October 13, 2008 13:31

Posted By DM_Kim in NS4 News and Announcements

Hi boys and girls. How's everyone doing? Good I hope. (you all miss me? )

To my Canadian brothers and sisters.. "Happy Turkey Day" and hope all is well with both you and your families.

You'll have to excuse the way this post may read or is laid out. I had to dictate it to hubby and all I did was copy and paste, because I still can not sit up for more than a minute or two.

To bring you all up to speed with me, I may not have been around but I have not left either. Last week I had a fast check of my E_mail and saw a few expressing concern. I should imagine there are some in my PM's as well. To all I thank you very much.

So to bring you up to speed as to why I've been away and will be for a couple of more weeks yet. I have a condition call Degenerative Joint Disease. It's something i have had pretty much all my life. The bone in my joints simply "rot" away very slowly. Back in 1987 I twisted my left knee which accelerated the condition there and caused me to have several surgeries to try and repair what they could. Some of it worked. The knee has never really been the same since, but I could get around. No more fast dancing mind you. Out side of that for the most part, movement was pretty much normal.

What happened now is that my left hip joint, because of favoring that side since 1987 has now gone into the same state where I have problems. (It's also an age thing so don't get any older if you can help it. *giggles*) About a week before I "left", on night as I stood up, my left hip made a pretty good attempt at dropping me to the floor in pain. Fortunately I have som eheavy duty pain killers on had so for that week I was able to handle the pain while sitting.

Then one night while on IRC, the pain just became too much. After a bunch of doctor visits, x-rays, tests, the condition was revealed and I saw what was happening. There are a couple of small bone chips kind of stuck there that cause the heavy pain while in a sitting position. It's much less if I am laying down or reclining. Unfortunately, my computer system is not geared to having me on-line while laying back on the sofa. I can only sit for a minute or so before the pain gets intolerable.

There is good news on the horizon. Next week, I go in for Laproscopic Surgery under a local anaesthetic. They will make 3 small cuts on my hip, 1 for a camera, (I get to watch), 1 for draining, and a 3rd for doing their work through. They are going to remove the chips, and scrape the joint a bit, making it smoother and flush all the nasty stuff out. They say within a few days afterwards I should be able to sit up again with little or no pain. Walking should be good too. No more crutch. The only real cure for this condition is joint replacement. My joints haven't reach the stage for that. hopefully they never do.

So I'm on my way back. I miss scaring you guys and tormenting others, just can't wait to get back at it. I even miss some of you. Once back I'll be checking out my e-mails and pm's and will reply to you all. There's work I need to be doing to in Aetheria

So for now "Huggers" and I might be down for now but most certainly not out. See you all soon.

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NS4 Game Server Downtime - September 24, 2008

Tuesday September 23, 2008 09:57

Posted By cely in NS4 News and Announcements

Sept 24th at 12am CDT - Our Hosting Provider will be testing SAN failover on their server cluster. This test should take no more than 3 hours and will most likely be complete well before then. This maintenance will only affect the NS4 Game Server, the forums and wiki will continue to operate normally. Thanks for your patience!

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NS4 Game Server Downtime

Wednesday August 13, 2008 15:04

Posted By cely in NS4 News and Announcements

There are two periods of downtime coming up.

August 13th at 5pm CDT - Our Hosting Provider will be fixing the VMWare Bug documented here: It is unknown how long this will take, so we really appreciate your patience. Please note that this fix is absolutely necessary. We are unable to reboot the server due to this bug which means we can't apply any OS patches, etc.

August 15th at 3am CDT - Our Hosting Provider will be upgrading the software on the switches our servers are connected to. This will be a brief outage.

Please note that these maintenance windows will only affect the NS4 Game Server, the forums and wiki will continue to operate normally during the maintenance since they are hosted elsewhere. Thanks again for your patience!

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1.69 Is out, be warned

Thursday July 10, 2008 03:19

Posted By Malik in NS4 News and Announcements

Green light on version 1.69.

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Neversummer Hardware Status and Donations

Tuesday July 8, 2008 17:08

Posted By DeputyDog in NS4 News and Announcements


Post detailing our current status and hardware needs. Check it out and post/email comments.


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