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A Persistent World For Neverwinter Nights

About Neversummer

Neversummer Overview

Neversummer is a Persistant world built using Bioware's Neverwinter Nights Toolset and requiring the user to have a copy of the Neverwinter Nights CD,expansion packs and CD Keys to play. It is hosted on our servers and built and maintained by us.

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New NWN Install Instructions

Buy the Neverwinter Nights Diamond Game from GOG

Patch the game to HOTU 1.69 with the 1.69 exe file.

Request a Real CD Key from GOG, goto: Pick your OS and Multiplayer CD Key from the drop down and request the 3 cd keys. Replace the keys in your nwncdkey.ini file in your NWN Install directory with those. If you tried to login before doing this then you will need to update your nwnplayer.ini file and change Client Port=5120 to Client Port=5123

In order to speed up the in game initial connection, edit your hosts files and add the following Goto this thread for full instructions on editing the hosts file:;=1003167

Launch NWN and goto multiplayer Enter a username and password

Direct Connect to Create a character or select your old ones if returning.

Enter, read and be nice.

Neversummer4 is the most widely played persistent world module for Neverwinter Nights. We have a user base more than 5x larger than the closest competitor. Neversummer is the most popular system available for NWN.

Neversummer4 Features

  • 600+ areas. All are beautifully crafted, with custom lighting and sounds. Lots of detail.
  • 2500+ custom items along with craftable items.
  • 800+ custom creatures with custom AI and equipment.
  • Custom spawn system storing persistant info and using party like groups and day/night timing. The data is cached at player entry for minimum lag and cpu loads.
  • Custom treasure system for creatures and placables. Containers will spawn with groups of creatures and have scaled treasure based on difficulty of the spawn. Containers will be trapped, lockable and destroyable.
  • True persistency system using NWNX and MySQL. This will track Time of day, Player locations, quests, reputation, alignment, housing, etc.
  • 6 Player factions and multiple creature factions. Game tracks faction reputation based on player's actions versus each other and the world.
  • Epic story line and quests to tie it all together.
  • Subraces from Forgotten Realms/Dragonlance with abilities and combat level adjustment.
  • Custom XP system giving bonuses to parties and a better adjustment for character level.
  • Taverns, Inns and Camps to rest and bind your character too. These have rift shards which pull your character back from the ether.
  • Custom Bleeding system. After 0 hitpoints a player will slowly bleed down to -10 with a small chance to stabilize and recover. Friends are able to bandage in order to revive.
  • Balanced game world and item base to allow for fair and fun combat in a PVE and PVP setting.
  • Everything is attackable. No plot chars and every action may have consequences.
  • Large staff of DM's for player interactions and live quests..
  • Tight knit community feel. The server can hold 40-50 players.
  • Cult like following around the globe.
  • Lots of Action.