Bigby's Clenched Fist

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Caster Level: Wizard/Sorcerer 8
Innate Level: 8
School: Evocation
Components: V,S
Range: Long
Save: Fortitude
Spell Resistance: No
Area of Effect: Single
Duration: 1 Round/ 10 Levels (Not Extendable)
Additional Counterspells: None
Description: Depending on caster level and spell focus in Evocation this spell applies a spell failure chance to the target for the duration of the spell

Spell Focus Minimum Caster Level Spell Failure Ratio
No Focus - 20%
Spell Focus: Evocation 15 25%
Greater Spell Focus: Evocation 25 30%
Epic Spell Focus: Evocation 35 50%

The duration of the spell is now 1 round per 10 caster levels with a 1 round cooldown between casts.