Craft Trap

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Implemented, with component drops.

Minor Trap: Requires skill 4-11
Average Trap: Requires skill 12-19
Strong Trap: Requires skill 20-27 and 5 Rogue, Ranger, or Assassin Levels
Deadly Trap: Requires skill 28-35 and 10 Rogue, Ranger, or Assassin Levels
Epic Trap: Requires skill 36-43 and 15 Rogue, Ranger, or Assassin Levels

(Note: Skill Rank plus Focus Feats only.)
(Note: Rogue, Ranger, and Assassin Levels stack for the requirement to craft traps.)

Trap Type Component
Acid Blob Acid Flask
Acid Splash Acid Flask
Electrical Quartz Crystal
Fire Alchemist's Fire
Frost Coldstone
Gas Choking Powder
Holy Holy Water
Negative Skeleton Knuckles
Sonic Thunderstone
Spike Caltrops
Tangle Tanglefoot Bag