Divine Power

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Caster Level: Cleric 4, Cleric 3 (Strength Domain)
Innate Level: 4
School: Evocation
Components: V,S
Range: Personnal
Save: None
Spell Resistance: No
Area of Effect: Caster
Duration: 1 Turn
Additional Counterspells: None
Description: The caster gains the following bonuses: 1 extra Hit Points per caster level and base attack bonus improves to that of a Fighter of the same level (this spell no longer boosts the Cleric's strength to 18).

If the Caster's Base Attack Bonus rises high enough, they may receive an additional attack at their highest base attack bonus. For example, a level 20 cleric has base attacks at +15/+10/+5. After casting the spell, the bonuses are enhanced to +20/+15/+10 with an additional attack at +20, for a total of 4 attacks.