Divine Wrath

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Type of Feat: Class

Prerequisite: Champion of Torm 5

Required for: None

Specifics: The Champion is able to channel a portion of their deities's power once per day giving them a +3 bonus on attack rolls and damage for a number of rounds equal to their Charisma bonus + their Champion of Torm class level. They also gain damage reduction of 5/+5. Extend Spell feat doubles the duration. Damage bonuses are halved against non evil creatures.

Use: Selected

The attack and damage increase by a further +2 every five levels and the DR increases as well.

Class level Attack Bonus Divine Damage Bonus
(Halved vs non-Evil)
Damage reduction
5 +3 +7 5/+5
10 +5 +9 7/+5
15 +7 +11 10/+6
20 +9 +13 15/+7
25 +11 +15 20/+8
30 +13 +17 25/+9

Note: Like Divine Might, the divine damage bonus is not affected by immunities or vulnerabilities.