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Menzoduran is the capital city of all Drow, home of all Drow, and also home to recently-accepted and well-needed mercenaries that were not privileged enough to be born Drow. Menzoduran is also the home of the LOD guild and the Death Dealers. At the center of the city is the sacred Temple of Lloth, and the city has its share of immaculately swept slums and shops. Also Menzoduran is where the Matron Mothers reside, where they exercise their rule over the Shadow Legion. Going to the surface from Menzoduran requires either traveling through the Underdark, many other tunnels, and overcoming many dangerous and fiendish enemies or simply using the strategically placed exits (which are extremely difficult to locate by non-Drow).

Drow hate dirty Dwarves. Many a Drow sits up in bed late at night, wondering how many more Dwarves could have been killed that day. Consequently Menzoduran and the Dwarven Stronghold are constantly warring against each other in epic underground battles, the likes of which have never been seen by the surface folk.

The guards of Menzoduran are all elite Drow Guards. They have honed their fighting skills to a level that would kill any but the strongest heroes outright. If one plans on assaulting Menzoduran, a medium sized army should be considered the bare minimum if one wishes to have any hopes of overcoming the Drow Home Guard.