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The Realm of Neversummer 4, Aetheria is a world full of dangers and adventure. The rift shards of Aetheria have pulled people from other realms to it, leaving them trapped there and forced to fight for their lives.

Naturally, different peoples claimed Aetheria as their own. This lead to Factions gathering together, and the constant war between them. The original people of the realm gathered together in the Last Alliance, dragons good and evil gathered as the Ancient Ones, drow gathered as the Shadow Legion, lawful people gathered in the Northern Coalition, mages and necromancers in the Mystral Ascendancy, earthwalkers in The Circle, and all dwarves bonded as Ragnar's Kin.

As you enter Aetheria, you must choose a faction to align with. From then on you gain their protection, and live under it until you are strong enough to travel out to the dangerous world. From then on you must use your survival skills to stay alive, destroy hostiles, and place your faction as the ruling one.