Last Alliance

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Capital: Neversummer City

Factional Alliances: None

Races: None

Alignments: None

Classes: None

Unique Prestige Class: None

Bind Point Color: None

Deities: Chauntea, Lathander, Mystra, Oghma, Sune, Kord, Selune, Tymora, Yondalla

Guilds: None

- WARNING - This isn't a playable faction anymore

Long has the battle in Atheria run. Long have the peoples of Neversummer City held fast against the invaders of the rift. Long has the war taken its toll upon the original citizens of the Alliance.No longer will the people of Atheria abide by these tragedies. No longer will the citizens of Neversummer allow raiders from the rift into their city. No longer will the peoples be complacent or oblivious as to what their leaders are doing.The stage has been set. Neversummer has refused to participate any further in the recruiting of tainted people from beyond. The city is teeming with activity, a new leader has been found. A new hope to bring the last of the original inhabitants back into power. A new power is being tapped to make Neversummer greater than the other factions that fight over scraps of land.

This war is now about one thing and one thing only. The removal of all outsiders from their land, an end to the wars. A strong and powerful Neversummer shall now rule the lands.

Last Alliance Territory Map Close Up

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