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Deities of the Realm

The Deities in Neversummer 4 are taken directly from the Forgotten Realms list of Pantheons. For the moment, a system of deities has not been implemented (and thus no restrictions are placed on alignment, faction, domains, or class). Some domains represented are not available in Neverwinter Nights - this and other specifics about the Deities will be changed and posted before the system is implemented. Feel free to use this as a springboard for discussion on the General board.

Specifying a Deity

There are two ways to select a deity for your character in Neversummer – either by entering the name of the deity into the "Deity" field on character creation, or by selecting it from a list when you connect to the server for the first time. The deities are listed here under the faction for which they are valid, to help you choose the correct deity for your character. Those listed as none are open to any faction that allows that particular alignment.

There may be additional requirements for a deity based on the deity's alignment or domain, as well. For example, Tempus requires the player to be Chaotic Neutral, and a member of the Ancient Ones faction. Clerics of this deity must also choose from the domains associated with that deity. Example being, Tempus requires Chaos - Protection - Strength - War. These are the only domains that character can choose from.

DMs will play the role of many of the greater and factional deities. The choice of who you worship will determine your reaction with each dm. There will also be other effects throughout the game that may be decided by the chosen deity.

Even if you do not choose a specific deity, you will still have one defined for your character based on faction. In this list the highlighted deity will be the default for that faction.

[Gods Chart]

Benefits for those with gods in their deity fields have been added:

  • Darkfire now requires that you worship a deity in order to bless another with your factions' specific element. If you do not, then it will remain as before (fire damage). (5/22/08)

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