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There's a note that the subrace ability modifiers will not be in effect during character creation (which is a reasonable statement). I'm assuming that this means that you cannot take feats with ability requirements at character creation even if your subrace will grant you the ability once you start? If so, that may be noteworthy. Additionally, is there any adjustments made for skill points for Int modifiers? Once again, I assume you do not receive these skill points at creation, but is it possible that you receive the remainder when you take your next level? This is just a reminder to update the guide after the server comes back up... or if anyone knows now it would be useful. -

We'll keep a heads up for this when testing, thanks for the input. Unfortunately, with the server being down for an awfully long time, the NS4 Wiki has made little movement. I'll try and test it as soon as the server is back up. - P. Fricebottle