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Racial Favoured Class

The rules regarding racial favoured classes and multiclass penalties have been changed - see Classes.

Selecting a Subrace

There are two ways to select a subrace for your character in Neversummer - either by entering the name of the subrace into the "Subrace" field on character creation, or by selecting it from a list when you connect to the server for the first time. The module will identify a variety of different names for the same subrace - for example, "Drow" and "Dark Elf" will both be recognized as a valid subrace. Keep in mind, however, that you may only select a subrace for your character if he is also of the appropriate race - in this case, Elf. The subraces are listed here under the race for which they are valid, to help you choose the correct race for your character.

There may be additional requirements for a subrace based on your character's alignment or class, as well. For example, Water Genasi Clerics must select Water as one of their two Domains, and Aasamir must be of Good alignment. These will be listed under the subrace description. If you do not fit the restrictions for your chosen subrace, you will default to the standard subrace for your race (e.g., Evil Aasamir will become Full-Blood Human)

Subraces are applied via Leto and appear normally as for the basic races (white colored numbers on the character sheet).

Because subrace properties are applied to your character after you first connect to the server, the statistics on your character sheet when you create the character will not reflect subrace bonuses and penalties. Some racial properties will be removed and adjusted to fit the subrace properties. Elves, for example, receive a natural +2 to Dexterity and -2 to Constitution. Sun Elves, however, receive a +2 to Intelligence, -2 to Constitution. This means that when you first connect to the server after character creation, the racial +2 to Dexterity will be removed, and the subrace +2 to Intelligence will be applied. No change is made to your Constitution, since it balances out. Be aware of how the subrace properties will affect your character's final statistics.

Because subrace properties are not in effect at character creation, this means that some feats may not be available at level 1. For example a Tiefling (+2 dexterity) with final dexterity of 15 will be unable to take Ambidexterity at level 1 because his dexterity will only be 13 during character creation.

Even if you do not choose a specific subrace, you will still have a subrace type defined for your character. In this list, the first subrace entry under each section describes the "default" subrace, and any additional properties it has. Humans, Half-Elves, and Half-Orcs have no names for these default subraces, and their racial name is used instead.

For a single page view of all the races, see Race overview.