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  • The summons on this server are handled in two different ways:
    • Undead summon levels and bonuses according to the power of the caster.
    • Non-Undead summons have fixed avatars which will receive bonuses according to the power of the caster.
  • Summons will vary according to the subrace, alignment, feats and level of the caster.
  • Bonuses are NOT applied when summon spells are cast during combat.
  • Black Blade of Disaster has been changed and is NOT a summoning spell.

Summon Duration

  • Animal, Monster, and Planar summon duration is based on caster level and spell level, higher level spells having shorter durations.
  • Undead summons last 480 rounds (80 turns), excluding Mummy Dust and Fiendish Servant, which last 10 rounds (1 turn) per level.
  • Extend Spell will double the summon duration. (The spell doesn't need metamagic applied to it for it to be extended. -NS4 Modification)
Spell Level Duration
(rounds/caster level)
1 24
2 20
3 16
4 12
5 10
6 8
7 6
8 4
9 3
Epic 10

Summon Bonuses

  • All bonuses listed are magical bonuses and count towards their respective Bioware-imposed caps.
  • If a summon has an AB bonus due to the caster's feats, class levels, race, etc., AB buffs from other sources often will not register on the summon's character sheet; however, they will still register in the battle log. The same occurs with dodge AC bonuses.
    • For example, a caster with Epic Spell Focus in Conjuration will not see an AB or AC bonus from Bard Song on a planar summon's character sheet, but the bonuses will still appear in the battle log.
  • Non-Undead summons that are of significantly lower level to the caster of the spells (ie a high level mage casting a low level summon spell) will receive a small bonus to their hit points.
  • Summon spells cast from scrolls or other items in the game will NOT get the advanced bonuses listed below.

Animal, Monster, and Elemental Summons

=== All Animal, Monster, and Elemental Summons === Receive the following bonuses:

Planar Summons

=== All Planar Summons === Receive the following bonuses:

Undead Summons

=== All Undead Summons === Receive the following bonuses:

  • An AB, AC, strength, dexterity, and constitution increase equal to the sum of the following:
  • A turn resistance increase equal to the sum of the above x2.

Note: A Pale Master's undead summon cannot receive bonus from Blackguard levels and a Blackguard's undead summon cannot receive bonuses from Pale Master levels because a player's character cannot legally have two prestige classes.

=== Blackguard Fiendish Servant === Receives and additional universal save increase equal to the AB/AC/Str/Dex/Con increase above.

Alternatively, the Fiendish Servant receives the following bonuses if they are greater than the above undead summon bonuses:

  • An AB, AC, strength, dexterity and constitution increase equal to cha modifier/2 + blackguard level/5.
  • A universal save increase equal to the above value.
  • A turn resistance increase equal to (cha modifier/2 + blackguard level/5)*2.

Undead Summon Creature Weapons

  • Undead summons receive creature weapons appropriate to their level. There are 8 weapon sets for an Undead summon which are applied in a linear fashion starting from level 1 with the most powerful being received at level 35.
  • Non-Undead summons' and the Blackguard's Fiendish Servants' weapons are fixed.
Summon Hit Die
Attack Bonus Damage
1 - 1d4 Cold
5 +1 2 Bludgeoning
1d4 Cold
10 +1 1d4 Bludgeoning
1d6 Cold
15 +2 1d6 Bludgeoning
1d6 Cold
20 +3 1d8 Bludgeoning
1d8 Cold
25 +4 1d10 Bludgeoning
1d10 Cold
30 +5 2d6 Bludgeoning
2d6 Cold
35 +6 2d10 Bludgeoning
2d10 Cold

Undead Leveling System

  • Most Undead summons receive monster levels based on the caster's level, but most spells are capped.
  • The bonus levels are always alternating Fighter and Undead monster levels.
  • Bonus levels are given to Pale Masters for Wizard, Sorcerer or Bard levels when using Animate Dead, Summon Undead & Summon Greater Undead if the spell would otherwise be weak. Pale Masters can also use Cleric levels to determine their undead summon's level if it is greater than their Pale Master plus Wizard, Sorcerer or Bard levels. Unlike other Undead, the epic level Pale Master Summon Greater Undead summons are of fixed level once the pre-requisites for each are met.
  • Blackguard levels and the Epic Fiendish Servant feat generate levels for Fiendish Servants, however it should be noted that the maximum level for the summon is reached with either 26 Blackguard levels or 22 Blackguard levels for characters with the Epic Fiendish Servant feat. This means characters with more than 26 Blackguard levels do not need the Epic Fiendish Servant feat

Epic Summons

  • Mummy Dust has no level cap (Max level 40) and is based on character level, not caster level.
  • Dragon Knight summons a planar creature based on the character's alignment. The summons are a Solar, Slaad, and Balor for Good, Neutral, and Evil casters respectively. Notably, each dragon knight summon has Keen Sense and skill points in Spot.
  • Blackguards who invest extremely as described above in their Fiendish Servant will ultimately command a Doom Knight and later a Black Devil once the summon has reached its maximum level. Either 26 Blackguard levels or 22 Blackguard levels for characters with the Epic Fiendish Servant feat are needed to summon the Black Devil.
  • With Spell Focus in Necromancy and 20 levels in the arts of a Pale Master a Master Lich can be called from the depths to serve. Creatures willing to sacrifice thier souls to this black science for 30 Pale Master levels can draw upon Greater Spell Focus in Necromancy to summon the extremely powerful Death's Accomplice.