Known Bugs

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This Page is a compilation of the known bugs within NS4.

  • Shifting causes all items to unequip for a second, making the character lose any spellslots gained from items.
  • If you are polymorphed in any way shape or form, DO NOT take a level until you go back to your true form. There are several possible bugs that have been associated with this. From characters being invalidated due to an incorrect amount of skill points, which means the server will autoboot that character. To RDD stat bonuses not being applied at all, and a whole lot in between. As you can see this can really hose up your character. So please, return to your normal shape prior to clicking the level up button.
  • CRAFTING: Master Artisan in Arcane Crafting cannot be reached by a Sorcerer.
  • AREAS: Negative Energy Plane crashes randomly when players enter. (Fixed - 2008)