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The classes in Neversummer 4 are listed below, there are no special classes because Neversummer 4 does not use Hak Paks.

Certain Classes may not be taken in certain Factions, these are also shown on each Faction's corresponding page (like Wizards and Sorcerors may not be taken in the Northern Coalition).

Minimum Level Requirements:

  • 5 level minimum requirement for the classes of Paladin, Monk and all Prestige Classes. This requirement isn't enforced until the end of your build, before you reach level 40.
  • 5 level minimum for any class added to after level 20 that doesn't have at least 5 levels. Classes that are added to before level 20 with 5 or fewer levels are acceptable.


  • You start off by taking 3 levels of Wizard to qualify for Pale Master. You're allowed to go all the way to level 40 without taking any more classes in Wizard if you wish. However, if you add any more levels of Wizard post level 20, you must take an additional level to round out your Wizard levels to a total of 5.
  • You start off by taking 2 levels of Bard and the rest Fighter, all the way to level 40: no restrictions on that, 2 Bard/38 Fighter. However, if you take 20 levels of Fighter and then take 2 levels of Bard, you'll be required to take 3 extra levels of Bard before you reach level 40 and your build will end up being 35 Fighter/5 Bard.


The 5 level minimum requirements for Monk, Paladin, and Prestige classes are to prevent just 1 level to be taken in those classes to reap the benefits without the commitment.

The additional complexity thrown in is the alternative to a flat 5 level minimum. This system was designed to give flexibility to builds that require an earlier combination of classes to do so without having to take the full 5 levels.

Multiclassing Penalties and Favoured Class:

Multiclassing penalties and racial favoured classes are handled differently in Neversummer 4.

  • There is no penalty for multiclassing outside of your favoured class.
So a Shield Dwarf (favoured class Fighter) can be a Cleric/Rogue with mismatched levels with no penalty.
  • If you take a level in your race's favoured class you receive 10% of the XP towards your next level immediately.

Note: Removal of the multiclass penalty is implemented by setting the engine level favoured class for all races to Any. This means that you can suffer a penalty if you take 3 base classes and the lower two are mismatched.

Prestige Classes:

  • Only one prestige class is allowed for a character. Multiple base classes are allowed.
  • One cannot take more than 10 levels in a prestige class before overall character level 21.


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